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Yan Da - Full Costume by Arienne-Keith Yan Da - Full Costume :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 2 0 Cyberpunk Halo by Arienne-Keith Cyberpunk Halo :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 0 Cyberpunk Costume - Red Pill by Arienne-Keith Cyberpunk Costume - Red Pill :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 0 Steampunk Star Wars Pocketwatch by Arienne-Keith Steampunk Star Wars Pocketwatch :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 0 Mural - Tunnel and Tops by Arienne-Keith Mural - Tunnel and Tops :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 2 0 Destroying Angel - Behind the Scenes by Arienne-Keith Destroying Angel - Behind the Scenes :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 0 0
Epoch Rising: Dream Sequence Excerpts
Erin was standing in a massive sandy arena with the sun beating down on her head. The stands were filled with a roaring crowd, but she could barely see them with the sun in her eyes. And then the ground began to shake; something huge was on the move. She looked to her sides, unable to spot what was causing the rumble. It wasn’t until she turned around that she saw the huge dragon, perhaps fifty feet away. It came to a stop and roared. A life bar appeared above its head.
She tried to run forward, intending to stab at its feet with her sword, but her over-sized heavy plate armor got in her way. She nearly tripped over the long, pointed sabatons she was wearing. The dragon blew a large fireball at her, and with the encumbering armor, she only narrowly dodged it. The heat wave blew across her cheeks like air from a freshly-opened kiln.
A voice called out to her from the sidelines. “How many fingers are on your right hand?” She could barely make out the figure in the dista
:iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 8
Minecraft Snow Castle - Day View by Arienne-Keith Minecraft Snow Castle - Day View :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 4 2 Minecraft Snow Castle - Night View by Arienne-Keith Minecraft Snow Castle - Night View :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 0 Ice Cream for Mr. Snippy by Arienne-Keith Ice Cream for Mr. Snippy :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 0 8 ME by Arienne-Keith ME :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 2 5 TF2 Heavy Spray by Arienne-Keith TF2 Heavy Spray :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 3 0 TF2 Pyro Spray by Arienne-Keith TF2 Pyro Spray :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 12 4 Stop Internet Censorship by Arienne-Keith Stop Internet Censorship :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 4 2 Muhammad by Arienne-Keith Muhammad :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 0 2 Rose by Arienne-Keith Rose :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 5 0

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Yan Da - Full Costume
Made this one for :iconniennalacroix:

She was repsonsible for the eyes, makeup, ears, and hairstyling. Everything else was made by yours truly. This was my very first time leatherworking. I already like it better than working with fabric, because you can leave raw edges. Leather doesn't run because it can HIDE ;)

Toupee: cut a piece out of one wig and hand-stitched in wefts from another wig. All synthetic.

Hair ornament: brass with copper wire on the back to pin it to the hair. Hand-fabricated.

Earring: brass bezel, gold-filled chain, 5mm garnet. Hand-fabricated.

Armor: veg-tan leather, whole cow shoulder piece. Chest accents are more veg-tan, and shoulder accents are DAS air-dry clay. All water-stained to appropriate color. Nickel rivets and eyelets. Para-cord lacing, vinyl stud trim and ribbon backed with salvaged leather strips.

Forearms: Salvaged leather with faux fur trim and lace accents for the forearm covers; bracers are veg-tan leather (cow shoulder) with nickel studs and paracord, secured with salvaged leather straps.

Shirt: fully original pattern fit to customer, unknown fabric blend. Hand-stitched ribbon trim. Glitter overlay cut from veil fabric and hand-stitched to sleeves.

Skirt: fully original pattern fit to customer, unknown fabric blend. Spray-on fabric dye for color gradient. Elastic waist.

Boots: salvaged suede leather uppers. Fully original pattern fit to customer. Veg-tan leather soles. Includes small wallet pockets inside.

There was no time for me to make props, so I made her some pouches from salvaged leather instead. Straps are vinyl and metal-chain trims (ridiculously over-priced at JoAnn Fabrics :/). One pouch fits a standard half-liter water bottle, the other is about 5"x5" for random pocket objects.
Cyberpunk Halo
A "halo" for the cyberpunk film (script in the works) based off of a short film we did (…).

This is my second version of the brass and copper thing worn in the first one. The glowsticks didn't show up on film very well, so I added electronic lights.

This is made of nickel (hand-fabricated/formed), circuit board from electronics waste, refrigerator tubing, high flux super-bright LEDs, EL wire and the accompanying power inverter, and a remote control receiver (so the lights can be switched off as part of the scene, all wired by yours truly.

Safety note: use caution with lead (see notes on the link below). Also, while the voltages I use with DC power are low enough that I can handle everything with my hands, the power inverter for EL wire will give enough of a jolt that may cause you to unintentionally throw things.

Other costume planned for the movie:…
Cyberpunk Costume - Red Pill
The NASA Cinespace film (…) had the unintended side effect of inspiring a whole cyberpunk film. Script is still in the works.

This is a preview/concept Red Pill, a reference to the Matrix of course. The arm piece still needs work -- it was rushed so I could wear it for Halloween, but it will be worn later by an actress (not yet cast) instead. Blue Pill's dress still needs repairs, and I haven't yet wired her LEDs.

Qipao dress came from a thrift store, with alterations by me. Boots purchased used from a flea market.
All electronics are hand-wired and assembled by yours truly from electronics raw materials and waste.

Safety note: If you're interested in getting into this sort of thing yourself, use lead-free solder and remember to control for lead dust in old electronics. Wear an N95 or N99 respirator to protect from dust when cutting old circuit boards. Wear gloves to reduce the spread of lead dust. Lead dust doesn't easily come off your hands with ordinary soap, so use Lead-Off wipes or something else rated for lead removal to clean your hands, forearms, and other exposed skin afterwards. Lead-removing soaps can be used on clothes, and more heavy-duty lead removing wipes on surfaces.

Lead builds up in your system over time and your body can't really get rid of it, so don't screw around with it. FYI, you should take the same precautions if you do shooting, because the propellants in bullets give off lead dust.

Also, I do all soldering and other fume-generating tasks outdoors with a fan blowing sideways across my work surface. Rosin-core solder flows nicely but the rosin's not too great for you (although not as bad for you as lead).

Another costume piece planned for the movie:…
Steampunk Star Wars Pocketwatch
For a friend's costume.

These clock inserts are typically used by woodworkers, but they set just as well in metalworks if you're not a clockmaker:…

Chain: brass (thickest I could buy in time for my friend's costume)

Aside from the clock insert and chain, the rest was hand-fabricated brass and black enamel.
Mural - Tunnel and Tops
A church in a place now far away once let me art all over their wall. Had plans to do more, but schedule didn't allow. This was done ~2 hrs/week over the course of several months.

Paints were indoor wall paints that they gave me (sorry I didn't pay much attention to the specific types).

Fan is in the shot for two reasons: 1) scale, 2) preventing me from getting dizzy off of the paint fumes



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Arienne Keith
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Um... I'm weird and I like it that way. I also have a great deal of fun writing and metalsmithing... and still drawing upon occasion, but I don't draw nearly as much as I used to when I was a kid. Uh.... I also sew a bit... I was going to pursue more sewing and try to understand it more and stretch my abilities, but I got burned out on it before I had the chance. I also have a burning passion to make music videos and do photo shoots but don't have the needed equipment (mainly a CAMERA) yet. And... that's all I can think of to say about that.....

facebook (don't add me on there unless you're ready for a face-full of politics):
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