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Steampunk Star Wars Pocketwatch by Arienne-Keith Steampunk Star Wars Pocketwatch :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 0 Mural - Tunnel and Tops by Arienne-Keith Mural - Tunnel and Tops :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 2 0 Destroying Angel - Behind the Scenes by Arienne-Keith Destroying Angel - Behind the Scenes :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 0 0
Epoch Rising: Dream Sequence Excerpts
Erin was standing in a massive sandy arena with the sun beating down on her head. The stands were filled with a roaring crowd, but she could barely see them with the sun in her eyes. And then the ground began to shake; something huge was on the move. She looked to her sides, unable to spot what was causing the rumble. It wasn’t until she turned around that she saw the huge dragon, perhaps fifty feet away. It came to a stop and roared. A life bar appeared above its head.
She tried to run forward, intending to stab at its feet with her sword, but her over-sized heavy plate armor got in her way. She nearly tripped over the long, pointed sabatons she was wearing. The dragon blew a large fireball at her, and with the encumbering armor, she only narrowly dodged it. The heat wave blew across her cheeks like air from a freshly-opened kiln.
A voice called out to her from the sidelines. “How many fingers are on your right hand?” She could barely make out the figure in the dista
:iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 1 8
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Bring Me to Life part 2b :iconarienne-keith:Arienne-Keith 0 3

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Steampunk Star Wars Pocketwatch
Made this for a friend's costume.

I'm not a watchmaker, but my grandpa does woodworking and he would get these clock inserts, so I figured I could put one of those into metal instead of wood. It doesn't really matter what you put it into, so long as the recess is the right size. You can get the clock piece itself here:…

The casing is all brass -- fabricated; no casting. The main recess on the back is filled in with black enamel. I played around with both stamps and an engraver on scrap brass, and ultimately settled on the stamps. They didn't come out with much regularity, and if I missed with my hammer and didn't strike the stamp hard enough, attempting to re-align the stamp and hit it again didn't work most of the time (resulting in the doubled stamps). However, the engraver's vibration left really jagged-looking etching when I tried to make steampunky-looking lines and curlicues, so I ended up putting up with the stamp.

The brass chain you see was the thickest I could purchase. Told my friend that if it broke, I'd replace it (will probably see if I can pick up something heavier from a thrift store or something -- it's not like it needs to be gold or anything, after all).
Mural - Tunnel and Tops
Can't believe I forgot to upload this for so long! So, a church I used to go to (in a state I've since moved away from) asked for people to help paint their walls, and I went and talked to the person who taught/organized/oversaw kid's activities there and she said they'd let me art all over their walls. So I came up with a few designs. Being a grad student at the time (spending ~60 hrs/week on campus, most of it in the lab), I didn't have much time to spare, so I scheduled 2 hours a week for several months, and got this done. Sadly, I never had the time to execute any of the other designs I had in mind -- there was a cool twisting tunnel one that was going to go at the top of the stairs leading up to the area -- but at least I got this one hammered out. Er, painted out. Still a metal-head at heart ;)

All hand-painted, ordinary semi-gloss (I think?) wall paint, little flat-tipped paintbrush for getting the checkerboard juuuussssssttttt right, and little point-tipped brushes for the fine lines of the spinning tops.

Fan is in the shot for two reasons: 1) scale, 2) preventing me from getting dizzy off of the paint fumes
Destroying Angel - Behind the Scenes
Oh hai thar. I know I haven't uploaded anything in more than half a decade. But I'm actually not dead. I wonder how many people on here are a) still following me and b) still logging into their accounts actually.

Before going any further, I want to apologize for my lack of collage-making and photography skills. I took these pics on-set with my cell phone. But, it still gives a good idea of what the finished costumes and set looked like.

Anyway, I find out about the NASA Cinespace film challenge around the same time we were working on the 48-hr film challenge. I know, I should've taken pics of the set dressing I did for that too, but I didn't think of it until I was already peeling off the last of the last of my handiwork. Too late now. So, inspiration struck about a day after they were done editing for the 48-hour one. And it struck hard. [insert juvenile innuendo here]

This inspiration hit less than a week before the only possible upcoming day for us to film. I lost a lot of sleep, wrote a script, got extremely passionate and possibly slightly shouty about which parts of the script I really really really wanted to keep, gave myself hand cramps, and sawed halfway (okay, it was only 1/4 of the way) through one of my fingers with a jewelry saw (don't worry -- the blade was sharp and I know how to use superglue, and the cut is all but vanished now). Then I overslept slightly on the morning of the shoot -- hey, 2 hours didn't sound like enough for me, so I gave myself 4 -- forgot a key prop and miscalculated the height of the background panels. But awesome people pitched in to make last-minute trips to the Dollar Store for supplies for me, and everything managed to come together.

Man's costume
headpiece (halo): brass, 24 gauge, cut in smaller pieces and soldered flush, entirely hand and hammer formed, some copper overlay and enamel, glowstick
suit: commercially-available (can't remember the brand but it was nice) with pressing and pinning to give it the open front
shirt: Shrine brand, no alterations
upper chain: twisted chainmail belt/sash, found at a thrift store
lower chain: part of a belt from JCPenney clearance, attached at the shoulders through two jump rings soldered onto tie pins (pushed through the seams so it wouldn't damage the actor's suit)

Woman's costume
headdress: coat hangers (those hurt to bend! Definitely using copper next time!), machine and hand sewn fabric (unknown blend), all original pattern, DAS air-dry clay
augmented reality goggles: short copper strips soldered flush with each other, entirely hand and hammer formed, glowstick
shirt: found at a thrift store
pants: Arizona Jean Co. brand, no alterations
sash: machine sewn fabric (unknown blend)
*You can't see it in this pic because I forgot to have her put them on (they were on in the film) -- sleeves: machine sewn fabric (unknown blend)

supports: pine 1"x2", machine screws and wing nuts, nails
panels: Dollar Store poster board (which actually turned out to be 20" at the narrow side, NOT 24"!!!)
seam coverage and accent striping: electrical tape, duct tape, and gaffer's tape
table: cinderblock with black epoxy resin top (standard laboratory countertop material -- don't ask how I got it ;) )
chairs: Ikea

I will at some point attempt to take closeup pics of the augmented reality goggles and the halo and upload them here. They're not my best metalwork... after all, what do you expect me to do in less than 10 hours for two pieces... but they're good enough for a screen. And I actually put some detail into the halo that doesn't really show up all that much on screen -- a little touch of overlay and enamel that was inspired by the buttons on the actor's collar.

The video for the contest is here:…
The greenscreen was a huge pain in the ass to work with, and all the footage filmed with the hi-def camera picked up so many artifacts that it was unusable, meaning we had to stick with takes that had certain mistakes in them. There was also a better image used in the greenscreen window, but we were afraid it wouldn't qualify for the contest because it was a still, so this is what we submitted. A version with the better pic (and possibly without the music) may be uploaded later -- if so, I'll try to update this description with a link to that one as well.


Arienne Keith
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Um... I'm weird and I like it that way. I also have a great deal of fun writing and metalsmithing... and still drawing upon occasion, but I don't draw nearly as much as I used to when I was a kid. Uh.... I also sew a bit... I was going to pursue more sewing and try to understand it more and stretch my abilities, but I got burned out on it before I had the chance. I also have a burning passion to make music videos and do photo shoots but don't have the needed equipment (mainly a CAMERA) yet. And... that's all I can think of to say about that.....

facebook (don't add me on there unless you're ready for a face-full of politics):
(just to warn ya... things listed below are places I seldom log into):
gaia username: Arienne Keith
fanfiction profile:…
  • Watching: Stargate Atlantis
  • Eating: horrible junk food
  • Drinking: lots and lots of water
Grad school is finally over. Defended M.S. thesis and all that. Now it's on to work, which I start on Monday... I'll have to see how things go work-wise, and make sure that I can cope with surviving on seasonal work and jumping back and forth between states. The money will probably be good, but seasonal state-hopping is going to be a pain in the ass. However, it kinda looks like there will be gaps in between the seasons, in which I could do metalsmithing and other art work... and with the pay, I might finally be able to get all the metalsmithing heavy equipment that I've been wanting for so many years. It's been more than five years since I finished the claw, my last metal work. And I miss it.

While I was writing my thesis, stress drove me nuts, and I started to see a story. As soon as I defended my thesis, I pretty much just locked myself away in a dark room with my computer and I've been writing ever since. It's a Stargate Atlantis fanfic -- Wraith-centric, of course ;) -- and it's over 50K words and still going. If I'm able to finish the story the way I want to, without losing any steam, then I'll start publishing it on here and

So, work stability will probably come before metalsmithing, but hopefully you'll get a fanfic from me long before that. Don't worry though... I don't plan on even publishing the first part of it unless I've got the end all ironed out. I tried to publish an incomplete fanfic before and ended up never finishing that one, and now I feel really bad about it. I won't let that happen again.



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